Creating the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event Experience

It is vitally important that all of the elements of a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event come together to create a powerful and lasting impact. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is protest and performance art with political, personal and existential messages. The Walk Organizer is the Director of a theatrical experience where there is no distinction between audience and performer. The Walk Organizer must insure that the multiple layers of experience are available to Walkers and spectators. Awareness and education are built into the Walk and we want your Walk to have lasting effects on your community. We want your Walkers to be moved to engage in better gender relations generally and have specific skills to use interpersonally.

Here is a description of some compontents you might insist be a part of your Walk Event to insure learning on multiple levels and through multiple learning avenues. As a Walk Organizer, your Walk Event is your production. Please produce it to the greatest lasting effect.

Individual Walkers & Teams of Walkers

The Event Setting

Signing In & Getting Shoes

Introducing the Shoes

Instructions for Walking

Walking in the Shoes

Possible Collateral Experiences During a Walk

Debriefing After the Walk

Sharing Stories



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