We want your Walkers to be appropriately geared to have the greatest impact, on individual Walkers, on spectators and the media.

We recommend you provide Official Walk Shoes for your men.These shoes were designed specifically for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® and insure that men will have a very different experience from walking in their own comfortable every day shoes.. They will not have this experience it in other shoes, shoes without heels, flip flops, etc. By wearing Official Walk Shoes, men will also feel part of the international community of men walking in these shoes all around the world.

We recommend you have a Registration Fee that helps you cover the costs of Walk Shoes and Merchandise. You may charge this fee to everyone or only to men intending to Walk in official Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® red high-heels. More details on funding your Walk Event can be found here.

Have a Sign-In table where men can register to Walk and pay the registration fee or submit proof that they've already registered online. Provide the men with one pair of shoes to use for the duration of the Walk. You can hold their shoes for their convenience and as collateral until the end of the Walk when they return their Official Walk Shoes. You can use these shoes again for another Walk Event or lend, rent, or sell these shoes to another Walk Organizer for their Walk Event.

Give each Walker an Official Walk T-Shirt to wear for the duration of the Walk Event and to keep.

You have now equiped your Walkers for the experience of the Walk and for the visual impact of the Walk.

We recommend you also give your Walkers at Sign-In a raffle ticket for any donated merchandise, prizes, etc. you will award after all men have returned from the Walk. You should obtain donations for merchandise , prizes etc. from community businesses. See Funding Your Walk Event for more information.

You can either give your Walker and Offical Walk Sign and Banner now or distrubute them as the men line up to begin the Walk.

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