The Opening Program should serve two purposes:

  • Contextualize and set the tone for the Walk Event
  • Get Walkers excited and ready to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

The Opening Program can benefit from speaches by high profile local community members, especially men.

  • The Opening Program should or could say any or all of the following plus more:
  • Thank everyone for being here.?
  • Cite some statistics on sexual assault and domestic violence.
  • Say why these men are here ready to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (use a lot of information from this site and elsewhere - cite men who are actually present)
  • Say why these women and children are here in support of these men walking.
  • Cite how gender violence affects everyone, including how men are sexually assaulted, how it affects the LGBTQ community and more.
  • Perhaps have a survivor speak.
  • Perhaps have a male who has or will be walking speak.
  • Get everyone excited to Walk

Add to this list. Anything you think is essential or valuable, send to us to include here.


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