Your event setting will make the first impression on Walkers and spectators. Make the setting an impressive array of information to create anticipation for the event. You'll want the first impression to be:

  • This is an interesting event, no matter how small or large,
  • The event is easily identified (i.e. with signs that label: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®, Your Organization, The Beneficiary/Publicity Partner, etc.),
  • It is easy to see how to approach the event (i.e "Sign In", "Information", "Press Sign In", "Shoes", "Merchandise," etc.),
  • There is a large stack of shoes or shoe boxes so men know they can obtain shoes to wear for the Walk,
  • There is music or entertainment announcing excitement,
  • There is a stage for Opening Program,
  • There is a central area where men can put on their shoes and play with walking (we suggest keeping your "stage" confined to increase social interaction and photo opportunities),
  • Staff are easily identifiable. We suggest they wear Official Walk T-Shirts in a different color from Walkers. For example, if Walkers are wearing black, staff might wear purple or red. If Walkers are wearing red, staff might wear white or black. We suggest all shirts have the same design to promote uniformity, increase impact and to make the numbers of your Walk Event larger.

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