4 Months Before

  • Form a Planning Committee
  • Choose a site and time
  • Contact local City Councilmember’s and/or other elected officials who might help with equipment, permits and other needs

3 Months Before

  • Apply for permits on your own as needed and necessary
  • Contact law enforcement re: date, location, numbers expected to attend, security
  • Contact potential speakers and emcee
  • Contact potential entertainers
  • Request proclamations
  • Order Walk merchandise
  • Reserve necessary equipment you haven’t otherwise secured (to arrive on site 1-1/2 hours prior to start time)

2 Months Before

  • Start recruiting volunteers
  • Contact Friendly Press Contacts and Talk Show Hosts
  • Commence community outreach/crowd building – distribute flyers, post posters, announce at community, business, organization, union and other meetings
  • Send flyers to coalitions and other groups with request to distribute to their membership via mail
  • Week 4 Send Press Advisories and Public Service Announcements
  • Conduct initial media follow up to check receipt and assess early interest
  • Confirm emcee, speakers and guests
  • Set program

1 Month Before

  • Train volunteers

Month Of

  • Send Follow Up Press Release – Re-contact media
  • Reconfirm Emcee, Speakers and Guests – check content of remarks to talking points
  • Reconfirm Entertainment and Equipmentt

Day Of

  • Assemble and orient volunteers on-site (1-1/2 hour prior to start of event)
  • Commence Set up (erect tables, chairs, stage, hang banners/signs, place podium, set out flyers)
  • Check/Test Equipment (sound, still and video cameras)
  • Site check volunteer capabilities (registration, speaker greeters, media intern, logistics support, etc.)
  • Check-In Tablers from Friendly Organizations
  • Check-In Walkers/Sign Up Movement Volunteers
  • Check-In Media and Conduct Interviews
  • Start Program on Time
  • Line up Walkers
  • Start Walk on Time
  • Security accompanies Walkers with bull horns (if using public sidewalks, this is extremely critical)
  • Ready Massage Stations and Welcoming Entertainment (optional)
  • Clean Up
  • Return Equipment
  • Videotape news coverage

Week After

  • Meet with Planning Committee and evaluate event
  • Submit your Post Walk Report.
  • Send high quality photos to Walk headquarters.
  • Write and send thank yous to Speakers, Volunteers and Walkers

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