You must register to organize a Walk Event. Registration insures the integrity of the Walk and obligates you to the terms of the Organizer's Agreement. A Walk Event is an opportunity to raise community awareness about the causes, effects and remedies to sexualized violence. A Walk Event Organizer must acknowledge and agree to these terms to obtain an Authorization License.

Note: You cannot change the name of a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event. The name is always Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®. See Organizer's Agreement and Image & Identity Guidelines for more information. A Walk Event cannot be named anything like "Walk a Mile in Their Shoes," or "Walk Awhile in Their Shoes" or "A Walk in Their Shoes," etc. These do not live up to the spirit and purpose of this awareness and fundraising event. Organizing variations on Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® under another name or for other purposes (for example, breast cancer awareness) may be a trademark violation and subject to legal action.

Steps for Organizing

You can organize a Walk of any size. Here are Step by Step Organizing Instructions for a Walk Event.

Steps for Registering

  1. Review the Walk Organizer's Agreement, including the Walk Image & Identity Guidelines.
  2. Review your own or obtainable resources for facilitating a Walk Event (i.e. funding, personnel, venue, etc.)
  3. Establish a Walk Event Beneficiary/Publicity Partner. Contact potential Beneficiaries/Publicity Partners and obtain authorization to promote or work with them on your Walk Event.
  4. Purchase an Authorizing Ticket & License below.
  5. "Discount Code" or "Promotional Code" available only for the following. If you qualify, contact us for a "Discount Code". You still need to register online, but there will be no fee for your registration.
    • US Military - No registration fee for any US Military-organized Walk Event if both the organizing entity and the beneficiary must be military,
    • Native American or Canadian First People - No registration fee for any Native American or Canadian First People - organized Walk Event.
    • Africa - No registration fee for any Walk Event organized by anyone in any African nation.


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