There are several ways to fund your Walk Event.

  • Individual or business sponsors covering all or some expenses and/or donations,
  • Event Ticket Price or Registration Fee

However you fund your Walk Event, we recommend you make it value added. Walkers and spectators will have the Walk experience, sponsors will want the public to know of their generosity through advertising and donations.


Sponsors can cover all or some of your Walk Event expenses or donations. Some of the ways sponsors may cover expenses with money or in-kind products or services can include:

  • covering costs of advertising & publicity,
  • providing a meal for the Walkers post-Walk,
  • providng merchandise, samples, gift certificates or coupons for a Walker "goody bag", including the bag,
  • providing raffle prizes,
  • providing trophies or prizes for merit such as:
  • First Walker to the finish line,
  • Individual who raised the most money,
  • Team that won the most money,
  • Team with the most Walkers,
  • Fraternity, high school, or other group with the most Walkers.

Event Ticket Price or Registration Fee

An Event Ticket or Registration Fee can be charged to everyone or just to men who will be wearing Official Walk Shoes. This can help cover costs and raise funds for your Walk Beneficiary/Publicity Partner. We recommend your Event Ticket/Registration Fee include:

  • the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Experience,
  • an Official Walk T-Shirt to wear for the duration of the Walk Event and to keep as a physical reminder of their Walk,
  • a meal-ticket (if a lunch is provided following the Walk,
  • a raffle ticket (if you have donated merchandise to raffle following the Walk,
  • a "goody-bag" of any "freebies" donated by Walk Event sponsors.

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